St. Agnes of Bohemia

Founded 1904

"Throughout her long life, troubled even by diease and suffering, Saint Agnes truly and energetically carried out her service of charity, out of love for God, contemplating, Jesus Christ as in a mirror, as Saint Clare had suggested to her: 'In this mirror, blessed poverty, holy humility, and ineffable charity shine forth.'" 
-St. John Paul II, November 12, 1989

"En su larga vida, atribulada también por su enfermedades y sufrimientos, Santa Inés realmente prestó con energía su servicio de caridad, por amor a Dios, contemplando como en un espejo a Jesucristo, como le había sugerido Santa Clara: 'En este espejo resplandecen la bienaventurada pobreza, la santa humildad y la inefable caridad.'"

-San Juan Pablo II, 12 de noviembre del 1989 

Parish Banquet / Banquete Parroquial

Feast of our Patroness, Saint Agnes of Bohemia
Fiesta Patronal de Santa Inés de Bohemia 

Celebrating Her Legacy: Faith, Mercy & Charity
Celebrando Su Legado: Fe, Misericordia y Caridad

Honoring/Honrando a:
Most Rev. John R. Manz 

Join us for a celebration!
St. Agnes of Bohemia Parish celebrates the legacy of its patroness, honoring Bishop John Manz. There will be raffles, dance and open bar. Music by Holy Cross-IHM Marimba Ensemble and Organizacion Paladium. 

¡Acompañenos a celebrar!
Sta. Ines de Bohemia celebra el legado de su patrona, honrando al Obispo John Manz. Habra rifas, baile y barra abierta. Amenizando: Holy Cross-IHM Marimba Ensemble y la Organizacion Paladium.

Sábado / Saturday , February 25, 2017
Chateau del Mar 8301 W. 95th St Hickory Hills, IL 60457

6:30 pm Reception/Recepción
7:30 pm Dinner & Program, featuring:
            Cena y Programa, amenizando:
• Holy Cross-IHM Marimba Ensemble
• Organizacion Paladium
• Raffles/Rifas
• Open Bar/Barra Abierta
8:30 pm -12am Dance/Baile


For more information, sponsorship opportunities or RSVP call: (773)522-0142
Para mas informacion, oportunidades de patrocinio o comprar boletos llamar al (773)522-0142.

Raffle Prizes / Premios de la rifa

$5 per ticket
$20 for arm lenght of tickets
$20 por todos los boletos que quepan a lo largo de su brazo

*$1,000 cash Deluxe Grill
*6 burner gas grrill with side burner and rotisserue kit. Valued $400
*$100 Home Run Inn Gift Card 
*Gift Baskets 

 Our heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of our second parish banquet
Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a los patrocinadores de nuestro segundo banquete parroquial

Archangel Sponsors



St. Agnes of Bohemia or “Prague” was born 1205, her father was Ottokar I, and her mother was sister of Andreas II, King of Hungary. (St. Elizabeth of Hungary was her first cousin and two years younger). St. Agnes was only 3 years old when she was promised in marriage to Boleslaus, son of Silesia and of St. Hedwig. She was sent away from home cared for by her nurse to the monastery of Trebnitz in Silesia. At the age of 6, St. Agnes returned to Bohemia to the convent of Doxan. At the age of 8, she returned to her family. At a very early age, she felt she was missing something in her life, she turned to God more and more and felt a desire to consecrate herself to a life of virginity and prayed that she would be able to follow the “call”.

St. Agnes of Bohemia felt her desire to consecrate herself to God at a very early age, this became very difficult to her.  The final commitment for marriage was given by her brother, King Wenceslaus, to Frederick II, a widower.  As of this time, St. Agnes increased her penances and prayers;  many times, she would rise before dawn and walk barefoot with some of her most devout ladies to visit the churches.  She returned with her feet bleeding from walking so much.  She would bathe them and resume her attire as a princess and attended to her duties and visit the sick.

St.  Agnes was 28 when Frederick II sent an ambassador to escort her to Germany for the marriage.  Even though her brother insisted on the marriage, St. Agnes found a way to delay the marriage.  She wrote to Pope Gregory IX and asked him to prevent the marriage.  St.  Agnes expressed to the Pope her opposition to the marriage and her desire to become the spouse of Christ.  After Frederick II verified that this objection came from St. Agnes herself, he released her from the commitment stating that he would not take offense if St. Agnes preferred the King of Heaven instead of himself.  It was then when St. Agnes consecrated herself and her possessions to God.  Her father brought the Friars Minor to Prague and she built a convent for them.  She started a great hospital for the poor and also built a convent for Poor Clare's.  

After the convent of Poor Clare's was completed in Prague, St. Clare of Assisi sent five nuns to start the community. In 1236 St. Agnes received the veil. She served as a role model. Girls of good family, princesses and noble women either founded or entered convents of Poor Clare's. St. Agnes always maintained the true spirit of St. Francis by seeking the lowliest of places to live, and performing the most menial tasks. St. Agnes died March 2, 1282 at the age of 77.